Why Select Milind Ketkar ?

Modern Digital technology has changed many basic parameters, dramatically, in Photography. I have been covering various weddings for ten years [1984 to 1994] and from 1994 onwards, till today, I have been into Advertising Photography. Using all this experience, I have been doing Wedding Photography, in a very innovative style, for past few years.

I charge for my skill and time, not for number of prints, as many others do.

The important improvisations are listed below.

1) I can offer various options from portfolio for wedding, portraits with studio setup in an engagement, weddings & special couple shoot [outdoors/indoors]

ADVANTAGE: Great variety to choose from depending on the taste and budget of various clients. There are very few photographers, those offer this variety with a style. Please see my images in the wedding gallery carefully. They are impressive and path breaking, when compared with monotonous documentation type photos, common in many wedding albums.

2) Images shot by me in a wedding ceremony are candid, not artificially posed.

ADVANTAGE: Natural and spontaneous expressions are captured. Compared to artificial “smile please” images, variety of candid expressions are possible, those are far more impressive, since they come straight from the heart!!!

3) No-on camera flash used by me for wedding ceremony.

ADVANTAGE: Absence of camera flash does not disturb- Bride, Groom, and Guests, every time the camera is clicked. This makes everybody at ease & relaxed. This in turn helps in getting very natural expressions.

4) Two to Four lights are used by me to cover wedding ceremony, in addition to existing lighting available at the venue.

ADVANTAGE: Ensures good and proper lighting for candid portraits, in addition to creating possibilities to get dramatic images by making good use of these lights creatively.

5) Different style of composition, framing and depth in wedding images shot by me.

ADVANTAGES: All the above factors make my images strikingly different and have strong impact on the viewer.

6) Best of the digital SLR and lenses are used by me.

ADVANTAGE: Excellent image quality that gives smooth and noise free enlargements.

7) I shoot all the images in RAW.

ADVANTAGE: Very negligible loss in quality of images even after basic modifications.

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