FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Images displayed in the Wedding Gallery, does not give feeling of seeing a wedding album ?

Ans. The gallery displays the images shot by me as a creative photographer. Most of these show some emotion like joy, happiness, surprise, concentration etc. to name a few. Some are symbolic images that suggest wedding ambience, with a style of my own. My images are soul of a wedding album and the body for the soul is provided by a second photographer by covering the same wedding, in a standard documentation style, properly composed images. Since these event photographs are very common and found in any album, they are not displayed here. Depending on the size of the venue, sometimes two or three additional photographers are needed.

Who will arrange the other photographer / photographers ?

Ans. I can suggest a few names but the final decision is to be made by the client after seeing his work & rates, I can extend my help. I have no problem in working with any event photographer / photographers.

Who will decide about which images to include in the wedding album ?

Ans. My normal procedure is to shoot the images in RAW format, convert them to good quality JPG. Depending on the merit of the images, both technically & aesthetically, I prepare folders for different sizes, like 10″X12″, 8″X10″ etc. Obviously images included in biggest size are the best according to me. The final decision is to be done by the client and the photographer who is going to make the album. Normally printing & pasting the album is not done by me, unless mutually agreed.

What is the need to have more photographers, when one can do the job ?

Ans. This can be best explained by a live telecast of a cricket match. Just because of multiple camera set up & good cameramen, we see almost any interesting action in a cricket match, in any corner of the ground, including VIP & beautiful faces to birds, sunset etc. In 1970 this was not possible, just because of two cameras at two ends. Same principle if applied in a wedding, with proper planning, the final album is far more superior to that would have been possible by a single photographer. If by spending a little more, it is possible to preserve the great moments of the wedding day, for ever, for the family members, including the Bride & the Groom, WHY NOT ?

Why pay more for a creative photographer ?

Ans. Normally big amounts are spent in a wedding that last for a few hours, like heavy decoration of the venue & food. Surprisingly, spending for the great moments of joy & happiness in a family those are going to last for years to come, in the form of a wedding album is lower in the priority order. That is why mostly the final output is inferior when compared to the output by a creative photographer. Why compromise on life-time memories ?

How many images will be shot ? Do I get unlimited number of images ?

Ans. There is nothing “unlimited” in this world !! At the same time photography of the events will be stopped after shooting a particular number of images. I believe in quality not in quantity. The number images will depend on the number of events to be shot. In a recent wedding three thousand five hundred images were shot in four day event by three photographers.

O.K.! I am convinced, and I want to hire you as a creative photographer. What are your charges & how to contact you ?

Ans. I have to understand all your requirements, so let us fix up a meeting with the Bride, Groom and / or their parents. I will quote after the meeting. You may call me on +91 – 9892459535 or e-mail on ketkarmilind@gmail.com

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