I have noted that frequently people give Wedding Photography assignments to someone who is a “coordinator” more than a photographer and after seeing the results, get disappointed because it is a permanent damage to “once in lifetime memories”. This is because there is confusion or very casual approach at the stage of selection of good wedding photographer.

After the wedding is over, the couple & family members take home only the jewellery, costumes /dresses, images and video. All amount spent on personal makeup / hair and decoration of venue, food for the guests is for few hours; the very next day NOTHING of the above things is left with the couple and both the families !!! Mostly only 2% to 5% of the total wedding cost is spent on still & video of the weddings, so cutting the cost of the remaining 98% to 95% expenses will save more than selecting a low budget photographer and accepting ordinary images & coverage of “once in lifetime memories”.

Hope following points will help in deciding the real good “photographer artist”

1) Always ask “who will be shooting the wedding” and ask for his thirty images from a single wedding ( not thirty images @ two images per wedding from fifteen different weddings ) Ideally these should be without any Photoshop effects (very important) A good Photoshop artist can make an ordinary image an outstanding one, but he will not work on five hundred images selected for album to make these all great !! — YOU MUST KNOW IF YOU ARE PAYING FOR GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY OR GOOD WORK ON PHOTOSHOP.

2) Try to know achievements of the photographer who will be shooting; in terms of any award or published images in any book, magazine etc. — YOU WILL HARDLY FIND A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WITH SUCH ACHIEVEMENTS.

3) Most of the time the “Studio owners” will show some visuals (video or stills) of himself with celebrities or well-known personalities in such a nicely “edited” manner that you are impressed. This is a common trick used to get the assignments. This only shows he is having good contacts, Ignore all sweet talking & Just evaluate the images.– YOU MUST KNOW IT IS MORE DIFFICULT TO SHOOT EXCELLENT IMAGES IN LOW PROFILE WEDDINGS.

4) Insist on knowing which equipment the photographer is going to use.— LENSES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CAMERA BODIES.

5) There are many self made “Art Directors” or “director of Photography” with zero achievements & poor knowledge of photography who show images shot by someone else for getting the assignment using above mentioned tricks and finally get the work done from new comers with very little knowledge & experience; just to earn more. Mostly these people talk more about some other things than the Photography. All these people work on one principle:-“get the work done by paying lowest amount to photographers employed & try to get maximum from the client”. THEY ARE MILES AWAY FROM OFFERING VERY GOOD STYLE WITH QUALITY BY ASSIGNING GOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS.

6) Always take help of any friend / relative who is related to some “Art” like painting, architecture etc.

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