I believe, shooting excellent images is always a challenge for a photographer. It is more in weddings because the photographer has no control over all the very important factors that make an image outstanding.

The venue, decoration, sitting arrangements, lighting by the decorator or the event management people, movement of the people around the place where the rituals take place etc. are not even known to the photographer who is held responsible for the final result; forget consulting him!! Arranging the studio flashes & using flash meter is almost impossible because any one can come and stand in front of the lights or due to the changes in the sitting arrangements by the priest.

Against all the odds the wedding photographer is expected to shoot outstanding images with one flash on the camera and I know, it is next to impossible!!!

The images displayed on the wedding gallery are the results of using different lenses, composition, selection of candid and conceptual images to try and change the monotonous way of shooting the weddings. When these images are used with the regular type of images in a wedding album, the look of the album changes dramatically. Again very few are aware of the fact that the designing of the album is the most important thing since it the finished product!!!

While shooting any wedding, small or big, I always try to give my best, with all my experience (see awards) & knowledge in photography (see published material). There are many roadside studio-shops those book many assignment on a single day & send unqualified boys to shoot (actually spoil) the life time memories to make the “package” cost effective.

When it comes to selecting the photographer by the style, the eye and brain behind the camera is important; similar to some other fields, like singing, selection of the singer for a song is done knowing his style, from many good singers.

Call or mail me, if my images displayed on the wedding gallery, are up to your expectations and requirements!!! (see testimonials)

Finally, due to digital cameras clicking has become easy but shooting excellent images is still difficult!!!


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