List of some of the international clients is as follows:

1) Information Media Productions, France.
2) Euroweek London.
3) Euromoney London.
4) Johnson & Wales University, U.S.A.
5) GEN U.S.A.
6) Toto Global Reference Catalog



From: Rahul Trivedi (rahul.umn@gmail.com)
To: milind ketkar (ketkarmilind@gmail.com)

Hi Milind,

Of course we remember you. We are both doing great. We look at the wedding pictures quite often. In fact anytime we know of someone getting married in Mumbai we recommend your name.

Sure, you can give Vandana my email address. We would be happy to help any way we can.



Following mail is by different Rahul.

From: r.a.h.u.l (bharatwasi@gmail.com)
To: milind ketkar (ketkarmilind@gmail.com)
Hi Milind, I hope all is well with you.

We are finally back to India and trying to settle down into the office routine. A lot of people to thank also for making our marriage a memorable event. Your name comes to mind first 😉 everyone simply loved your pictures, some of the comments we get after people see the pics.

“oooh.. wow..it looks like a mira nair monsoon wedding”…

The person who is making the album says that he will take the pics and create a sample album to show to clients.

So, once again, a big thank to you for all the effort.



From: yubakhan@yahoo.co.in
Subject: Re: images
To: ketkarmilind@gmail.com

Hi Mr.Milind Ketkar,

I loved all the images that you sent me and so did my family.It has surpassed all my expectations and i am deeply touched as you have captured my wedding like i could never imagine possible.Thank you v v much.


Subject: Hey
From: meghdutt@gmail.com
To: ketkarmilind@gmail.com

Hey Milind,

I just saw some of the videos finally. I enjoyed watching them. But your pictures were definitely the best. Everyone in my social media circle really liked your pictures. So I thought I will drop a line and thank you. If you ever need a customer testimonial on your website please let me know and I will be more than happy to do it.



Subject: wedding pictures
From: khatri.priya@gmail.com
To: ketkarmilind@gmail.com; vturkar@gmail.com

Hello Milind,
As you know, I continue to keep getting compliments for my wedding pictures you took so artistically. I always get asked who the Photographer is!

A friend of mine, Vishal Turkar, from Mumbai, is getting married towards the end of this year and he’d like to have you as his Photographer.

He’s an Architect by profession so you know he really does appreciate the eye you have for Photography.
I have forwarded your contact to him. I am sure you’ll be able to give him the best.


Vishal, sorry I just realized that I had actually forgotten to send this email for several weeks. But it’s not too late.
Please do contact Milind Ketkar. I think you already know his website.


— Priya Khatri


Subject: Request
From: tniyati@gmail.com
To: ketkarmilind@gmail.com
Milind, I have a request for you. Do you still have my wedding video, off all the events? I brought the dvds back to US with me and forgot to make a copy for my Aai. If you still have them can you please make copies for my Aai? I’ll have her pick it up from your office. Thanks!

Also an update about the 2nd photobook, I’ve asked my sister and brother- in- law to keep it for themselves. I’ll work on putting an album together for myself here in the US. The photobook is so unique, I’d rather them keep it. Kamlesh will get in touch with you about the pictures he likes.

I love the wedding pictures Milind, I go through them every evening =) Thanks for doing such a splendid job.

p.s. I’ve posted my wedding pictures on facebook and so many friends from India actually asked who the photograher was! And another cousin commented that the pictures looked straight out of a bridal magazine! Milind, I really owe these memories to your photography. Thank you so much!

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