Wedding Season 2014-2015

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1) In an effort to shoot weddings in a different style I have shot all the images displayed here. See “testimonials” to know the feelings of some of the couples.

2) Those who want to know little more about how I shoot, please see the text “why me”, “FAQ”, “Why select Milind Ketkar”

3) To know little about my skill in other branches of photography, see other galleries, “awards” & “published images”

4) Even after seeing the wedding images shot by me & reading the text, it is likely that you may not like it at all. This indicates I am not the right person to shoot your wedding!!

I can be reached on +91 – 9892459535 for the Assignments in any part of the world. Please Confirm the Available dates in Advance.

For further details contact on the above given Number or E-Mail me at

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